Fife Seat Service Plans
Fixed payments With our service plans, you can spread the cost of your essential maintenance over affordable monthly payments. These are fixed for the duration of the agreement and aren’t subject to inflation – so even if the price of parts and labour increases, your rate stays the same.
Flexibility Not only can you tailor your service plan to meet your vehicle’s specific needs, you can also pay in the way that’s most suitable for you. You can:

1. Pay the full amount upfront at the time of purchase
2. Spread the cost with interest-free monthly payments
3. Add the cost to your finance plan
Additional benefits When you opt for one of our service plans, you can also enjoy a range of benefits including access to a courtesy car (subject to availability), free vehicle health checks and more.
1 Fixed cost peace of mind. You never pay more for parts or labour.
2 An optimised resale value. Regular maintenance protects your vehicle value.
3 No ‘’Till Shock’’ Sceduled work is already covered and paid for.