VGS Club Membership

Organise a year of car maintenance for just £149 aimed at cars over 3 years old, which includes your MOT test.

In fact all the things you need to keep the car running. All that is needed on top of the membership is to replace any broken or worn parts.

Membership includes 7 great elements:


FREE Annual Service

FREE Winter Health check

FREE Summer Health check

FREE Air-Con Refresh

FREE Valet

UNLIMITED Puncture Repair

The Membership cost is £149 for all of these great services, the normal retail cost for all of this even at our Value Garage Services prices would be well over £250 and even more than that at Main Dealer retail rates.

The service club provides piece of mind in that you can always be able to bring your car into VGS to ensure it is in tip top condition. Over the whole year it is less that £12.50 a month for car servicing and a MOT Test with Free re-test. It works out at less than 41p a day for piece of mind.

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