SEAT Finance Choices

Owning a SEAT is now even easier with our range of different finance packages.

Choosing the one right for you and your situation is important and we'll help you tailor a finance plan to suit you and your lifestyle.

Solutions Personal Contract Plan (PCP)

Keeping your monthly payments low and enjoying a new car more often, if that sounds good to you then you probably would like Solutions Personal Contract Plan (PCP). You can choose a period between 18 months and four years in which you make repayments. At the end you have three different options, you can choose to return the car, part-exchange it for a new one or pay a one-off final payment to keep it. Your Decision... For more information on taking PCP out on your new SEAT ask our Sales Team today.

You won’t own the car until you have made all of your repayments.

Hire Purchase

A very easy way to pay for your new SEAT, Hire Purchase involves making an initial payment followed by fixed repayments over a period ranging from one to five years. At the end of the term, you then own your SEAT. The key benefit of hire purchase is that you can spread the cost of your new or used SEAT over a number of fixed monthly repayments to suit you. Our friendly Sales Team can advise on what they think would suit you... just ask.

The loan is secured against the vehicle: The vehicle can be repossessed if payments are not kept up.

Contract Hire

Fife SEAT offers you a great range of Contract Hire options for both private and business customers. Contract hire lets you drive the SEAT you love with no worries about the associated expenses of owning a car, its future value or the hassle of eventually selling once you're ready to replace it. To view our current contract hire offers click here or call our team today on 01592 778160.

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