Is an electric car right for me?

Costs, charging times and range.

These are all common factors people consider when they are wondering whether an electric vehicle is right for them.

Read on and learn more about the benefits of electric cars.

Why go electric?

On average a 100-mile trip in an electric car costs significantly less than a petrol equivalent*.

Fun to drive
Electric acceleration and quieter on the road. Our electric cars are a pleasure to drive.

Charging times
Charging technology is advancing all the time, with rapid chargers now able to top up some electric cars in less than an hour**.

Don’t give in to range anxiety. We engineer our electric cars to go the distance and give you plenty of mileage.

Business benefits
Switching to electric may make significant whole-life savings for your business. There are also government incentives that might be available to you and help sweeten the deal.

Let us show you the difference between different types of electric vehicles

BEVs – Battery Electric Vehicles

BEVs are powered by electricity alone. They are zero-emission while driving and could come with plenty of money-saving benefits, including tax exemptions. The SEAT Mii electric is an example of a BEV and is our first ever pure electric car.

PHEVs – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

PHEVs combine the power of both a petrol engine and an electric motor. The Leon e-HYBRID for example can run purely on electricity for around 30 miles, but also give you a petrol engine to fall back on if you need to drive further***. Discover the /new-cars/leon-hybrid-phev/New Leon e-HYBRID (PHEV) here.

MHEVs – Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles

When you drive a MHEV, the petrol engine is supported by an electric motor. The electric motor allows the car’s engine to switch off when coasting, braking or stopped, and quickly turns it back on when needed.

What are the costs?

If you’re looking for information on how much it costs to go electric, have a look at our ‘All about costs’ page.

All about costs