SEAT Full Link Technology

Full Link is an innovative technology that keeps the driver connected to their phone without compromising on safety.

The system mirrors the phone display onto the car’s infotainment screen, and displays ‘driver approved’ apps such as text messaging, Google Maps and music.

Depending on the mobile handset type, Full Link works with one of three in-car apps:

• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Mirrorlink (for Android phones)​

Users also have exclusive access to the SEAT DriveApp.

Through the utilisation of this app you will be able to customise your in car Desktop to exactly the way you want it. Additionally, with the presence of the inbuilt Read to Me feature, you are now able to listen to your latest Twitter and Facebook feed updates along with emails and messages, read aloud for your convenience. Route Tracker will also allow you to track your driving habits and improve them with the Challenger feature.

Full Link is available on many cars in our range, including the All New SEAT Ibiza. Speak to one of our Sales Staff to find out more about Full Link and get a full demonstration on how it works.

Call 01592 778160 for more information on our products which support Full Link.