SEAT Customer Care

At Fife SEAT customer care is extremely important to us. We are one of the highest preforming dealers in the UK and this is reflected in our 96% Customer Satisfaction Survey scoring across the board, through each of our departments. Our staff are all committed to providing the highest level of service to each and every one of our customers and making sure they remember their fantastic experience at Fife SEAT. Our small family run business has an amazing reputation in the local area for being a friendly and trustworthy dealership, the owner Mark McKenna from Cupar, Fife has come from working for SEAT UK to owning a small garage who's number one focus is customer care!

Although we do our very best to make you 100% happy every time you visit us, we still understand sometimes may feel unhappy with your experience and feel you need to complain, we will do our very best to solve your issues and we are committed to make you want to return to our dealership. we would also like to make it clear to you your rights as a consumer according to the new Consumer Rights Act 2015.

All the information below will be relevant to you as a consumer:

The short-term right to reject: Within the first 30 days of you the consumer receiving delivery of a vehicle you have the right to reject the vehicle if it breaches terms agreed in any way. Whilst you can ask for the goods to be repaired or replaced you the consumer are not obliged to give us the retailer an opportunity to do so. Fife SEAT can agree to a repair with the customer.

After 30 Days have passed since vehicle delivery there are two steps to be carried out:

Step 1: Repair or replacement - Fife SEAT will have one opportunity to repair or replace your vehicle, before moving to the next tier of remedies ("the one shot rule") If a repair or replacement is impossible, or the first attempt fails (or the first replacement is also defective), you the consumer may have the right to step up to the next remedy below.

Step 2: Once the 30 days period has expired, if the "one shot" repair or replacement has not remedied all issues the customer may be able to reject the vehicle.

To find out further information of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 please visit The Government Website here

If you have any questions or feedback for us please email: or call 01592 778 160